STYLISH TROUBADOUR WITH GUITAR CHOPS, VOCAL CONTROL AND A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR: Russil specializes in pop-rock from the British Isles. His vast repertoire of solo cover material spans 1965-2015. He can whip out tricky but forgotten fingersnappers like Queen’s Killer Queen, fun new wave silliness like Soft Cell’s Tainted Love, ambitious rustic epics like Zeppelin’s Rain Song, modern bluesy classics like Arctic Monkey’s Do I Wanna Know?, and many mainstays by the Beatles. If he can arrange the tune to suit his versatile voice, it’s on. A loop machine was recently added to his rig to spice things up.



The first three menu buttons are about Russil, the performer.

The remaining buttons are his educational, nonprofit section. It’s an underground art cave system in which he dares you to go spelunking:

  • Conceptual Multimedia: 4 photocollage slideshows featuring original music
  • AlteredStateRadio: 10 spoken word playlists. Get down with an extensive subsite of audio storytelling
  • Visual Stimuli: a showcase of drawings and thoughts about street philosophy vs. spirituality