Spoken Word site…

Plugin 2 the radio age where old frequencies meet the holographic future:




Take a journey through a wonderfully unpredictable universe. In ASR, you’ll find a treasure trove of mp3s that sound like animations for your inner ear. So relax, and let’s explore your open mind. You are now the Audience of One.

There are ten ASR satellite pods to visit in the dropdown menu: each one contains from 4 to 40 spoken word mp3s.

WARNING: seasoned visitors might wanna get high before listening. Novices? The more you can visualize what you are hearing, the more surprised you will be. Prepare yourself for powerful, rad content outside the Box. Here is the bright future of polycultural State Radio! For you fans of internet radio-theater, ASR may remind you of Ken Nordine, John Leguizamo’s solo shows, or Joe Frank from K-CRW.

P.S. Hey character actors:  Do you do lots of cool accents? Do you write your own poetic material too? If you add sound design in post-production as well, then you are already an honorary member of AlteredSTATEradio.

P.S.S.  Hey upcoming animators: Why not animate some of these mp3 gems, for the benefit of future generations (or just because it would be a really dope challenge)?