Character voices


She said, “So you fancy yourself a poet? Figure you can relate to old folk as well as humble beginners?  Kind of an intellectual, eh?  You must be pslightly psychotic.  A tad paranoid too, I bet. Lemme guess: you’re a Scorpio. Uh huh.  Horny as a toad, but more of a desert rat who would rather be lonesome than co-dependent… Oh, that star sign is like an art form, they say. The dark humor inside you makes you openly silly now and then so you don’t come across as ruthlessly aloof all the time.

But in reality, you feel cramped here on planet Earth, down in your basement amid the incense, playing dungeons and dragons all night with teen meth-heads who just don’t give a fuck, hanging with social dropouts and freaky dreamers and budding mystics. Guess what, my friend?  You ain’t aloof after all.  You just happen to shy away from the Manufactured Consent known as ‘real life’.  When the rest of us die, we will all catch up with you, Scorp.  We’ll ‘get’ the Great Cosmic Joke and we’ll just roll over in our graves, laughing!”

Most of these character voice mp3s are in Beat Poetry/Slam Poetry format. They are from my Scorpiocraft catalog.

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