Stuck Couples


“Read this book: The Church of the Subgenius. It is a brilliant mockery of homogeneity, of institutions, of many things.  Especially of PINK people. PINKs are icky, lukewarm, tepid and insipid clone people. Who is a Pink? Let’s find out. Ladies: can you only take risks when you’re totally wasted? Guys: Do you have nothing going on besides being pussy-whipped or hen-pecked?  Hey, you might both be PINKs!

Warning: PINKS wind up in gloom and doom, stuck in endless pinkery. Their misery is hidden behind forced, plastic smiles.

UNPINK couples, on the other hand, prefer reckless adventure.  Bold, enlightened adulterers, for example!  So unpink. Such horny lovers would carefully track down their sexual conquests, doing a thorough triage of overloaded, urbanite third-parties. Coldly locked onto target, bypassing rape victims weighed down by priors or prior conditions, and instead liberating hot numb Virgins from their sad and lonely baggage-bombs! Thereby (nobly) saving the virginally over-ripe and overdue from a life sentence of horrifying PINKERY.”

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