The ferryman turned to me and said, “You’re about to get tossed into the deep end of gypsy storytelling, a longer format than your usual Facebook posts and podcasts. Requiring a longer attention span… So before you begin, stick your feet up, shrug off the day, relax your shoulders and get comfortable in your skin.  You might even let yourself fantasize a little…What is freedom? Ah, the joys and challenges of unplanned life, of pleasuring oneself by wandering through this great big real world… without a map. The panoramas, the aromas, the people, their customs, their dreams, their pack animals… Wow! All the cool stories that you, too, would have later on if you could just pry yourself out of your cubicle and escape far off the beaten path instead. If you could just take a leap of faith beyond the routine self-denial and limited, rational choices, if you could go bigger, to allow more room for imagination and raw life to take over… “

CLICK ON ONE OF THE FREE AUDIOBOOKLETS BELOW (from my Scorpiocraft catalog):

From Traveler to Ambassador (29’39”) is a Bourdain-esque tale of roughing it from Israel through the Gaza strip, with help from serendipity. 

Got My Heart in My Mouth (46’07”) tells how I went from a  Bedouin campfire in the Sinai to getting arrested and feeling scared shitless.  After the episode, some experimental ambient music and world rock basement tapes, just because…

Harebrained in Egypt (36’52”) recounts my near brush with frostbite in a Saharan war cemetery.

The Rescue of Zambika (37’12”) is a charming fictional travelogue: a multidimensional trek.  It stars Plutonius, a shape-shifting wizard from space who finds himself saving a kidnapped woman.

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