Multimedia Vision 1

Had to get out of the Flood Zone:

PICK A SONG from my Scorpiocraft catalog:

Spirit Wolf
Flight of the White Crows

Follow Your Joy were biting, psychedelic rock songs taped in South Tampa’s PVC Studios, with Miquelito on bass and Capt. Blackheart Jack on kit. 

The Vortex was an instrumental my guitar overdub version of keyboardist Jim Person’s song, Inez (see  This is my favorite guitar work that I’ve caught on tape. 

Church of your Love, considered one of my best tunes from back in the day, was a soaring vocal ballad accompanied by the ambient keys of Ron Mendoza. 

Greyhound is a driving instrumental house music track by Solarmagic, and the final track on my Bounce International cd.  

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