Multimedia Vision 2

She’s a Muslim??

PICK A SONG from my Scorpiocraft catalog:

There are song motifs that recur throughout these tunes, as I felt compelled to explore them in different setups. 

Gaza, Room Zero was recorded in open tuning with Kagan Arik playing clay bongos.  I later pitched the vocal track up into a more female range. 

Sailing Ships (that don’t come back) was a prog rock song about lost love and the sad bitterness that follows.  I enlisted Richard Moskowitz on drums, Steve Bergman on fretless bass and a local Philly cellist who had tat sleeves up both her arms! 

Jam and Bread was a blistering jam with my SF trio Spank (with Xochi and Gene), just before the taping of a TV pilot. 

In the Sinai was recorded by Earthrise in West Philly. 

Positively Light Headed was an upbeat ditty, high-life influenced, which was the precursor to Pride of Barbados off my new album, MY SHADOW. 

Gaza, One Family was recorded with Earthrise (Kagan Arik, Rich Moskowitz, Ron Mendoza and me) in Philadelphia.  A bit Peter Murphy-ish.  That was the only band I’ve played bass for. 

Til the Beast is Released reprises a mideastern motif from In the Sinai, but this version is a sexy, sludge rock epic. 

Gaza, Strike Two is the solo and reprise–with war sound effects–from the Earthrise tune.

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