Multimedia Vision 3

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Weapons for Breakfast was a satirical, political spoken word piece with sound effects recorded at home in San Diego. 

Echoes of Samarra was a song that attempted to explain Sunni/Shiite sectarianism: it was taped in Tampa at PVC studios with Capt. Blackheart Jack and Miquelito, with overdubs at Se7en Sounds. 

Arrested at the Border Post is a spoken word piece with sound effects; it started as a poem I wrote relating how I got myself detained at the Israeli-Egyptian border. 

Cry for Iraq was an anti-war epic compiled out of stoner jams with Jack and Miquelito, the opening rap apparently influenced by Eminem. 

Splifftown Blues was from the same sessions, it was about why weed is better than alcohol-despite the drug war! 

Mission Sorta Accomplished was another political satire, an irreverent juggling of the pieces of the notoriously premature George W Bush speech. 

Flying Whale of a Tale, taped with J and M at PVC, tackled the US Defense Dept’s arrogant use of whale-deafening sonar blasts.

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