Multimedia Vision 4

What the-

PICK A SONG from my Scorpiocraft catalog:

Carol Lombard was recorded live on a stage in the middle of a field.  It was a baking hot day in the hills of the SF East  Bay when the band I was in, Spank, set up to perform for  a cooking show TV pilot. 

Sabrina was a fetish-wicca piece put together with my drummer Xochi (little did I know that 10 years later, Sabrina would become the lead character for my novel, The Kundalini Code!) 

Sin was a Bowie-ish song recorded in a major Long Island studio, courtesy of the wallet of Corey Glover from Living Color.  Set up by my friend Lisa Guastella, this was my first foray into expensive pro studios: the keyboardist was from a MTV gameshow. 

The Primal Thing was a homegrown Brooklyn tribute to swingers and chimps; I think it came out like a Toto parade. 

Genetic Bingo was recorded in West Philly with brilliant lead guitarist Adam Evans and a mad percussionist named Oded. 

Psychogandhi was a gamelan and reggae influenced song about a UFO landing; it was recorded at the same session as Genetic Bingo.

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