My Shadow | CD


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“Mix from Russil’s 2010 album” 


My inspiration for the MY SHADOW album:

I was venting pent up grief and nostalgia that had been festering so long I could barely move on as a non-conflicted partner. I had to give up hopeless loves locked in my heart before I could walk tall again. Did you ever find yourself trying to rekindle a past flame or era, to somehow find the redeeming magic or the resigned humor or the secret silver lining in it? Maybe rewriting the grief and resentment so it had a happy ending? In short:

“I picked up everything that was bringing me down.

Tried making lead weight as light as filigree clouds.

Tried turning all of my downsides upside down.

Started writing funny shit about leaving my fly down!

Defusing others’ fears without ’em punching my lights out.

Silver linings up high started calling my pride out.

MY SHADOW, on your neck just like a night owl.

This record I felt more like singing and swinging, and

bringing less of the MC rhyme slinging.

Did I still have to fit in all those places I’d been in?

Nah, I was minting a million

wily, weird ways of winnin’.

The new vibe was more real, soothing

but with a multiculti bold feel.

Like a strawberry daiquiri by a swimming hole,

with a stripper pole, and never growing old.

So try to chill at your sunset table maybe,

til I bring you out a fancy label, baby.

Then hear what you been missing out on

a blast of FLORIDA SOUL.”