Bounce Lyrics

Below are the lyrics to the 10 vocal songs on BOUNCE INTERNATIONAL by MC RADIANCE:


Bailar! Bailar un poquito (X4)/ “Hey how you been? D’you remember that pirate radio station we had in that van?”/ What was that plasma in which we were revolving?/ Protoplasmic and, I guess, evolving/ Living slowly up in a minivan like in a lavalamp while solving/ All the riddles that besot ye/ For you were not much like me/ More of an uppity blond Scottie Dog on a green moon/ You were kinda nutty loony tune too/ Except baby you had this blue angel inside who was a goody two shoe/ Made ya so often sad and exactly who do you please by being so prissy and precious oo?/ Me I gotta go/ around like a regular Joe so that no/ body would even know that behind all the skin and the bone/ in the body of a hero, yo/ in a true musician they stowed a secret! A secret dakini!/ A djinn, a djinn genie, Magic Houdini/ who djinn, who can fly / like a flesh airplane it’s insane this game why?/ Cuz ya know it’s just me acting like Ed or Ned or Fred or Ted/ Gotta keep my street cred/ Talk in a down to earth language that puts bread on the table instead./ You say it’s just pride slickin’ in/ but I say Hi, would it be alright/ If I were tonight to utterly blow your mind with delight?/ I got a djinn on the inside/ snipping through the cords of limitation that might make me wait or hesitate./ Any attitude less than lucky and plucky and flapping our gums until they come unstucky/ would be less than great/ for a djinn genie djinn would have me bust it prouder and louder…/ Caught you and your imagination in forceps/ How many more steps/ would it take to get your mental world to rotate/ Until, like me, you could begin to see/ non judgmentally, multi-dimensionally? Oh no, it wasn’t meant to be/ Plus you and I never felt poised/ as performers should amid all the noise/ of the drinking girls and the drunken boys (make some noise!)/ But tonight, I was checking out the bird of my choice/ the girl of my choice, thinking of pearls but then sunk in a void with no voice/ For just as I turned to confess/ Hey Baby Hey, she was gone in that dress./ She went flying away to distant continents, hey/ Didn’t wanna get in her self-discovering way/ But I miss her, I miss her/ She had eagle eyes except when I kissed her/ Like when I held her down by the wrist and turned her into a twister./ But her world was too PC for me/ Pink, like a snuggle a minute/ Not as fluffy as the lint/ in Larry Flynt’s belly button, anyone knows she’s worth a mint/ She’s that talented it should pay the rent/ She got R&B moves that make ya squint/ Vanilla outside but all chocolate within/ like a sexy dancin’ grin, like some africa international spinnin’/ it’s her whole philosophy!/ but before I’m audi here’s the Philosophy: Gotta dance a little.


I dig a hot model in her hot model feet/ She’s the hot model to the hot salsa beat/ Pick the hot model up at her fashion meet/ She’s the hot model to the calypso beat/ Take the hot model up to her hotel suite/ She’s the hot model to the hot nasty beat/ Kiss the hot model up in her hotel suite/ Slipping in her… silky sweet lifestyle, lifestyle (buck wild)/ So you got your model fleet/ and you got your fleet amore/ And your amore lifestyle, what you got?/ Fleet amore lifestyle (x3) Model fleet amore!/ Do the hot model up in her hotel suite/ in her rubber lifestyle sheets/ do the hot model all over her hotel suite/ She’s the hot model to the calypso beat/ Oo ya hot model and your whole model fleet/ giving me sweet amore heat./ Do the hot model and her whole model fleet/ more more more more—suh-weet!/ Come on everybody clap your hands, clap your hands./ So what you got? No, no wrong answer/ Next? Buck wild?/ That’s a little better./ Your got your Fleet Amore Lifestyle./ Suh weeeee!


How could there be more than one of you?/ Do not tell me that your genes have been cloned!/ Kryptika looks like you got me, you got me fooled/ Can’t decide which one of you two I should, I should, I should bone./ On my stick and she’s slipping it in again quick/ and dripping like gravy/ Hot looks and it looks like I’m driving her crazy/ (orgazmika) Lady Kryptika my baby./ Welcome to my kingdom of swingdom… and cunnilingdom!/ La la la, lalalala la la la, etc./ You have got to be STD free/ If you want to come and play with me/ We agree not to make a baby/ If you want to cum play with me./ I could swear you have a twin sister, mmmm what a pair/ Must be tripping cuz I’m seeing her everywhere/ Waving… I will be right back, it’s time for us 2, to share/ Unless that’s you and you are somehow bi, are u bi, are you bi-locating?/ Welcome to the Spunky Majestick.


I know you, I remember you from back in the day/ You were the C.L.E.O.P.A.T.R.A./ Now you’re back, reinkarnate, blonde too/ as the K.R.Y.P.T.I.K.A. aren’t you?/ What a trip, you been hyp-notizing for 3 thousand years/ Not counting that thousand when you were downing beers/ I’m klowning here/, but ooo when I pounded you in Roman chairs!/ It’s hardly fair, but your karelss stare sank ships./ You wanna klash wits?/ Between lush lips and plush tits is a whole lotta glitz./ She says girls in France/ like their skirts but don’t like wearing underpants/ La la la la la la la la la lala la la la/ She says North Korea/ is a state that’s got a kase of diarrhea./ K.R.Y. to the P.T.I. to the K.A. (x3) Kryptika!/ Kryptika, ensenyame komo bailar/ El ritmo do tu baile para yo gosar/ Kome lose dias de ante/ Y diga me…/ Kop and Kourt land, it’s a fact, got us all pinned back/ For our own safety pinned back squarely yeah/ And this global new world order was unfairly bought/ until I too got myself kaught/ in their etiquette net, like last week, when I lost a bet/ and pulled the wrong U-turn in my Korvette/ I got served, for nothing yo, so, what’s the word?/ Mademoiselle Kryptika?/ Tuning out. What-ever!/ Us middle klass oblivious kids who would rather/ marvel komically instead, because it’s said that it’s bettter/ when it gets flaunted./ Got to vaunt it RAW flaunt it that sexuality!/ Now baby let’s be/ hooking your system up to the karnality./ Kryptika, here you be! Princess of the duality/ Uninhibitedly strutting your sensuality/ Being with me tonight beneath a chandeliered ceiling all right/ freeing into the light./ You dance it, you snake it./ She says K.R.Y. are the first three letters that will make you high./ K.R.Y. to the P.T.I. to the K.A. it’s a strange name/ She’s a-mmm like butter, a memorable lover…/ If you can guess her name. If you can guess her game./ Kryptika, Kryptika, Kryptika!


My magical books? I gave them back/ I re-entered your reality/ The Master of all the Binders/ I catch that which you need to see./ Who is that git on the bullhorn?/ Git on the bullhorn/ Who is that git on the bullhorn? Who is that stupid git?/ You street cats who waste your nine lives/ Defense-free have been all my charms/ but now I conceal longer knives./ Traditions? They make me see red!/ Before they permit me to become a judge/ by my hand, or in my own name/ must be spilled some innocent blood./ But first won’t you trade me, O Toro,/ the both of your ears for my tale/ of a clever young feminine spy/ whose heart and whose mind were for sale./ Breaking your innocence/ we can’t stop this dance yet/ La Danse Eternelle – so babe/ here’s what you’re gonna get: En Garde!/ You’re making me unusually harder/ coz you got no mercy./ you don’t slow down to nurse me./ Damn! sucking me harder/ into King Tut’s tomb and farther/ From Pearl necklaces to Pearl Harbor/ From Hiroshima into Manhattan September/ Manhattan splatter Harbor pow!/ incredibly inspiring ardor: oh wow oh wow!/ Tell everyone that karma goes around.


We need to let it go… so get down (x4)/ Go! Let go! Let go etc./ Let go, let it go now… back into the flow./ A patriotic heart-on my sleeve for my girl Peace and my girl martyr Lady Liberty/ You see I want Peace AND Liberty/ Ces deux salopries/ adorables were both evolving vividly/ psychedelically, but now they are tormented by the singularity of that 9-11 memory./ They’re haunting me through these castles./ Don’t you care to remember Les Miserables?/ Far beneath the champagne glasses/ do you still care to remember the under-classes?/ the masses, who never passed college classes?…/ Back ino the flow/ outer space!/ Coz we gotta flow. F.L.O.W. and drop…/ Atlantic spies, as some have guessed/ You and I, East and West/ But put to the test, we’re human in each other’s eyes/ our hands on each other’s breasts./ I can’t flounder/ Or despise these encounters/ Oo-oo the fresh wiles/ of a hottie with her hot titties and rock hard kitty thighs/ Steamrolling onto my beanpole and right past the scritti politti files/ With her steamy erotica style/ and her guile running wild!/ Oh she needs it, so get down.


Ha! I’m-a ride you like a rocking horse into the sunset GiddyUPgiddyUP! I’m-a ride you like a toy horse./ Maybe, Kryptika, you’ll be looking back in a-mazement at yourself/ At all the sunsets, waking, fine dining, secret stalking of those with endless wealth./ All the sensuality that you have been bringing me/ Here’s to you./ But I don’t really want to see you stay wealthy/ from their payroll of blood ties./ “But see,” protests the lady, “I need this all expense paid lifestyle, g,” / she finally begs of me./ Well, well. Is that all?/ Is it a uniquely small and empty world after all?/ And my mouth goes dry/ as dry as those arid survi-val games/ that we all have to endure, for there’s more/ to certain romantic agreements than meets the eyes of this Jedi knight:/ All your games within chess games into the night./ You see, Mademoiselle Kryptika and me?/ we are both double moles, strolling down this busy international road./ Can we win the apolitical gold?/ Or are we only cruising… / into the sunset?


She says we got/ Chemystery… We got mad chemistry, for sure./ In between you and me we’re feeling good chemistry… c’est magnifique!/ It’s coming to be it’s funny to see this powerful alchemy/ Chemystery.. .chemystery…/ Is she distracted coz she wants ta?/ Lady Kryptika, sex monster/ But you’re constantly dreaming of a little head/ and which debutanted girls might be read-d-d-dy to be decorating your bed/ Spiraling in time, incredible! You’ll imagine it all./ You, child, have all the time in the world/ so come on, imagine swinging it girl!/ Waving your rad liberation flag for more radicalism/ and more hedonism while towing two fanatical sumbissives into position/ for a healing sexual condition/ in a threesome video, a what? Oh what the heck/ not working or slaving for the Vatican, or for some stalag dead/ but taking the mad chemistry set/ to Lady Kryptika/ To Erotica/ To demokratika/ and even Intergalactica!/ In between you and me, test tube in my jeans c’est magnifique/ It’s harder to pee, it’s you that I need (scientifically)/ Galactechnically speaking/ I mean Enterprise/ It’s no surprise/ Breaking and entering and boarding a huge American vision/ Kinda majestic, wheeling through appealing skies./ Not just some petty/ silicon valley/ dot com rally/ that conservative minds despise/ until she buys/ a permanent digital house dream prize/ of alien size.


If I tell you, if I tell you now/ Would you keep on loving me?/ If I show you, if I show you how/ would you keep on bringing out the best in me?/ Snowflakes, snowflakes and goodbye (x2)/ Drifting down, without a sound./ She sleeps in curled up, without a sound under quilts of down./ The morning sun soon peeks in on last night’s wonders/ I say “What’s up? Oh ho! I see ya slow-ly raising an eyebrow in the cold”/ Now I trace my name to be sure on her tattoo/ and she moans a soft roar, and I do too./ Ahhhhh, Kryptika (x3)/ My ship must be sailing afar… looks like it’s goodbye for now./ Snowflakes and goodbye (x4)/ Goodbye, Kryptika Ahhhhh, Kryptika (x2)/ Snowflakes and goodbye (x4).

*First lines are borrowed from Sade’s “Sweetest Taboo”


Beneath the rose trellis on the deck/ I’m breathing down the soft skin on your smooth neck/ Baby doll, I feel you and I’m feeling you getting wet/ again, do not fret/ about your spangled world sinking just yet/ The night? It’s just ripening/ like sinsemillia, we doing our thing./ Fly forever, the wind is calling us to/ Fly forever, the spirit’s pulling us together./ Is this fantasy? You and me and the galaxy?/ Well, we got the itch and here’s how we fix it/ No-one’s watching./ Like last year, back at the ski lodging./ Bumping it with sexy Kryptika, let me bridge it/ Let me slip it… dip it/ Nakedly me and you and me./ Way holy moley good to go deep and crazy/ I’ll succumb to your style/ for a while/ letting the class warfare fade away/ cuz je ne veux que t’enculer/ excuse my francais/ Let your beauty shimmer up and away!/ Ah ha ha, ha etc./ See those northern lights at play?/ They’re made by you…/ Never should you hide your hunger for me/ Stay open for me, emotionally./ No more cagey betrayal/ or slavery tale./ A little bird/ tells me you’d prefer to/ Fly forever.