Bounce Reviews

BOUNCE Reviews

A group review from myself and my dancers: this cd is a fusion of Reggaeton, Caribbean, Cuban son montuno, Salsa timing and Puerto Rico rhythm WITH GUTS! It keeps everyone happy and lets each person express themselves on the dance floor in their favorite dance style. Everyone loves the private feel that calls them to the floor. Personally, this cd was my favorite b-day gift.
Debra, The Dance Designer’s Salsaholics
Wow! Let’s Dance!
Nice upbeat rhythm to listen or dance to. So many different beats and sounds. I really like this CD. Shake it! Shake it! Shake it!
Latin/Dance/Rap fusion
Fun Latin/Dance/Rap/Hiphop fusion, with World Music vibes. Will make you smile at times, but the lyrics are definitely worth a close listen…! A true original.
Seann Alderking, music supervisor for West End musicals
You’ll want to get up and boogie!
A little Latin, a little rocky, a little poppy, and there are deeper meanings in the lyrics if you feel like listening carefully. In any case, I guarantee you won’t be able to sit still when you listen to this! Great variety, catchy tunes, fantastic stuff!
David Abell, conductor from London
Fun, rejuvenating and loving music!
This music makes me want to dance and sing from within. It is fun and relaxing and takes the stress away from the day. You can feel the love from the artist about his creation! Amore!
Nora Smith, wine dealer, Florida
Underground Unearthed
Underground trip hop, unearthed. And more. This album is very progressive, so hang on. Radiance as always will entertain you with his masterful blend of music, rockin’ guitar and the hottest erotic lyrics. It will definitely get into your feet and take you on a magical ride around the globe in your head.
Rajabob, fan, Pennsylvania
This cd is unique; will take you to your wildest fantasies as you listen to the seductive musical voice and beat ! This is a MUST have cd for soulful music lovers. He sure lives up to his name, Radiance.
Michele, fan and French socialite, Tampa
Saucy and sexy! It’s definitely gonna get ‘cha on your feet!
Terrific original sound, spicy and cool! This album will get you on your feet and shaking your booty! Its blending of latin, island and euro rhythms can easily take you from the dance floor to the bedroom.
Funky & Refreshing
This isn’t your typical journey into latin sound. Fused with pulsating rhythms & seductive vocals, this CD is Funkafied & Soulful Fresh. These are the perfect rhythms for adding some spice to your night.
Lisa, k-rhv radio