Check out these coconuts! 

THE ‘MY SHADOW’ ALBUM: Russil’s last release was a dank club crawl through earnest coffeehouses, campy lounges, tiki bars, swingin’ salons, and international funketerias. The album was broad and theatrical, riding on the experimental 80s coattails of Peter Gabriel, Sting, David Byrne, XTC, Bowie and Prince. Yet it was also Floridacentric, bubbling with the kind of tongue-in-cheek horniness that would make Richard Cheese proud.  


Your tour guide through those sideshows was Russil’s previous incarnation, Radiance. His multicultural vocal delivery held the strange journey together. Creative Loafing Tampa writer Leilani Polk described one song as “weirdo-fun experimental hip hop”. (GO TO MY SHADOW PAGE.) By turns darkly heartfelt, carnal, spiritual, and unpredictable fun, the My Shadow album followed up the 2005 release of Bounce Int’l. Check out Super Glam Bitches, Hometown Sweet, and Tantra & Passion. The cd comes in a beautifully designed 6-panel digipak (a format which reduces oil-based packaging).


To get the complete artistic statement as I intended it, I hope you buy a physical CD from me directly! But if you prefer digital downloads, they are also available at numerous locations online: Amazon, Spotify, iTunesRhapsody, 7digitalDeezer, Shockhound, Tradebit, emusic, last.fmMedianetThumbplay. ************************************************************************

Hey you buyers, thanks for taking a chance!

Investing in timeless work, being fans,

supporting original music, helping out bands

who are down with a cutting edge cultural stance!

It’s true I invested scads of time and money just for you,

going destitute creating these discs, just for you.

So I’d kinda like them to go to good homes, and that’s the truth!

Not to mention the intensive project that is this website:

it’s more pensive and extensive than you’d even suspect at first sight.

Props to all you who appreciate this Crazy Predicament of late,

about another talented indie artist’s fate…

Cuz it’s a conundrum for we who color outside the lines:

the old industry paradigms have died,

but real replacements have not yet been defined.

Will the music supply get strangled alive?  That can’t be right.

Yet nearly everyone young and old,

says that life without the Original,

without New Music?  That’s unthinkable!

What about unwrapping an album, not just a download that’s digital?

That future lies in your hands.  Don’t let albums go extinct, y’all!

And though I’d love to give all tunes away, right?

I’m a pro and we all got these bills to pay, right?

An equal exchange with me, that synergy is the answer

between the artist and listener: a fair price as the balancer.

Or if it’s a ‘for real’ offer, I’ve been known to do barter.

But only if you offer real nice :^) Peace out Homeslice.


You can find free mp3 downloads of earlier music/ non-commercial experiments by MC Radiance here: