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Russil dot org is the handiwork of a shape-shifting Renaissance man with five planets in Scorpio, so the universe you will find within is broad-minded and deep. Philosophy and humor converge in a potent vortex of futuristic kinkosophy! Egyptian and Mayan spirituality, libidinous hip hop and ambient tracks, radio theater, and visual art experiments.

Russil is tackling concepts of energy and identity, uncovering what we were all really meant to be, from dreams and sensitivity to creating streams of intense delivery. Can you follow his drift? Can you catch the lift? Witness an artist in full flight, avoiding the trite, cuz that G has a cool gift alright.

Note that he left a log of his wackiest dreams on Dreamjournal as Hellodali.

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The QuirkEbooks bookstore features audio and/or text samples from each of Russil’s ebooks, plus blurbs with helpful details. QuirkEbooks are edutaining – and often somewhat scandalous! Check out unusual humor with a spiritual-bohemian-hedonistic bent, a world where high art and low art bump uglies. Blow your literary mind by visiting Russil’s QuirkEbooks ebookstore here.