They kept on telling us that Communism was the evil doormat to Slavery

how we had to make the World safe for American Business instead

how we were dying to be free – to Wheel and Deal and Steal anything we could get away with

because, all in all, American Capitalism enshrined Selfishness,

not just Self-interest

The gig economy workers trapped between what we claimed to want

and what we actually needed.


1 thought on “Agitprop

  1. Karen L.K. Druckenmiller says:

    Hi Russil;
    While I don’t believe in communism, I do agree with you on “Capitalism”: it no longer benefits the average American. I suggest reading ‘The Shock Doctrine, the Rise of Disaster Capitalism,’ by Naomi Wolf. Very frightening to see how government has betrayed us. Our rights are being Deregulated into a Black Hole. That is why I have not been on FB for so long, I am feeling a moderate degree of futility. Everyone rages about the injustice of what is being done, but they never seem to get any further than posting on FB. When I voted in November, there were only 3 other cars at my precinct! People just aren’t getting it, you know? Thank You for sharing your site, I hope by reposting, we can get the message out!

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