Army of Eros

The Army of Eros is a secret underworld society, grounded by the wisdom of the Mayan ritual solar calendar. The group of twenty warriors hails from many different walks of life and many different value systems. It gathers around a Round Table, to share and explore the Great Big Idea of cartoonish Mayan-fetish psychedelia in Vegas. Here you’ll find such unlikely friends as:

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A very interesting clique…

A Preacher of Freedom.
A Shock Book Publisher.
A Fashion Consultant.
A Watchful King.
A Power Architect.
A House Band Leader.
A Biker Chick.
A Hilarious Nudist.
A Music Critic.
A TV director.
A Collaborative Visionary.
A Dark Erotic Auteur.
A Covert Upskirt Peeker.
A Couple of Video Amateurs.
A Submissive Pussy.
A Streetwalker.
A Big Pimp.
An Insurance Agent.
A Nightclub Bouncer.
A Liberated Performer.
The above artistic collaboration features my colored pencil/ink work along with  poetic captions influenced by the Mayan solar calendar. The twenty pencil drawings were laid onto photographic backgrounds, including some backgrounds by the talented Brian Dorgan aka Captain X.]

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